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Finally, a Podcast You Can Relate To.

Have you ever written a letter you never intended to send?

Send it to us!

Hatemail is a podcast of dramatic readings of real letters from angry, hurt, scorned, cheated, humiliated, disempowered people looking to make sense of the world.

We’ve gathered some of the finest actors in Chicago (and sometimes places beyond) to bring these letters to your ears. The result is a collection of auditory snacks to consume at your leisure.

Please enjoy!

Hatemail Podcast - Stabbing Knife

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Use the form field to type or paste your letter. We do require an email address, but we don’t require any names. In fact, we will AUTOMATICALLY change ALL names of people, pets, businesses, and literally anything else with a name. Because we care about everyone’s feelings. And safety.

NOTICE: By submitting your hatemail via this form, you’ll authorize the administrators of this website to provide and distribute recorded dramatic readings from real actors for entertainment purposes. These may be used in podcast episodes, promotional materials, or other artistic endeavors.

Benefits of Writing Hatemail…

What do you get when you write a letter to someone or something you hate?

You get release. You get clarity. You might even find a path to redemption.

We don’t know. Only you know, and only after you write it!

Why a Podcast?

People find courage and comfort in hearing about the terrible affairs of strangers.

Admittedly, this is weird. But humans gonna human.

Naturally, we encourage everyone to write down their feelings. It’s therapeutic.

You don’t HAVE to send it to us…but if you want to submit a hatemail letter, then we’ll be happy to add it to a rotation of letters available to actors to choose.

If yours is read and put up on the podcast, just know that there are a lot of grateful people out there. So thanks in advance!

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